Chalet Jordan

Driving from the UK to St-Jean-D’Aulps and Morzine

Driving has become my favourite method of getting to Chalet Jordan in recent times, and I do it several times a year. Driving to the Portes Du Soleil has the following major advantages over flying or train:

– No need to hire a car.

– You can pack as much as you like, including all of your ski kit.

– It’s normally much cheaper than flying to Geneva if there are 3 or 4 of you in the car, especially with the high air fares during the winter season. I normally budget £500 all in for the trip, including fuel, crossing and tolls.

– You can travel overnight, which I find especially useful with kids who will then sleep for most of the journey.

– No airport hassle.

There are two major decisions to be taken when planning your trip, 1) what kind of crossing will you take and 2) whether or not to use autoroutes.

1) Ferry or Eurotunnel? Ferry is usually half the price, and of course you can use it to break up the journey, have a meal or just enjoy the crossing from the deck. Eurotunnel is at least an hour quicker, and you don’t have to leave the car (helpful if you have sleeping children).  Personally, I always take the tunnel.

2) Autoroute tolls are €73.60 each way, for the 540 mile journey to Morzine. You can avoid tolls by taking main roads, but this might take you up to an extra 5 hours driving each way. How much is your time worth to you?

The best and quickest route to take for Morzine and St-Jean-D’Aulps is via Reims and Dijon, avoiding Paris and the Peripherique. French autoroutes are on the whole very well maintained, and quiet. It’s easy to make very rapid progress.

A very useful hint for those making regular trips to France, is to order a French autoroute transponder which allows you to pass through toll gates without stopping. On your journey to Morzine and St-Jean-D’Aulps you will pass through about 6 toll “stations” each way, and it is very satisfying to sail through each one.

Once you have driven past Geneva, the quickest route to the chalet and Morzine is to take the first exit after the Peage de Nangy, then take the D9 to Fillinges, then the D907 to Tannignes. From there, follow the signs for Morzine and Les Gets up the mountain.


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