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La Grande Terche / Saint Jean D’Aulps Ski Area

Ski Options

Ski options from Chalet Jordan in Essert la Pierre are varied. A clear favourite for the keen skier is the 10 minute drive to the Ardent access point to Avoriaz and the Portes du Soleil ski area. This appeals to many because of the huge range of skiing available. The good skier can access Avoriaz, Morzine and even the Swiss resorts of Champery and Les Crozets within the day. However this is a modern ski experience which doesn’t always suit all tastes.

La Grande Terche / Saint Jean D’Aulps Station

A more savvy client may opt for the closer, local option of the Grande Terche Ski Area. A limited ski area with a few runs and a distinctly old fashioned feel. The area is a hit with families because of its low cost and simple laid back style. It works well from Chalet Jordan as the lifts are just 5 minutes drive from Essert la Piierre. No massive lifts, no loud crowds. No mad, suicidal snow-boarders.

This ski area is known by several names “Saint Jean d’Aulps Station” for the St Jean d’Aulps side of the mountain, “Espace Roc d’Enfer” – which refers to the whole area which includes La Cheverie on the other side of the mountain and by the original name of “La Grande Terche” too. It has thrived over the last couple of seasons. Good snow and the requirements for many people to save money has increased the turnover which has enabled the area to invest heavily in its infrastructure.

Last season the lift operating company (SIVU) invested 1.5 million euros which included a new drag lift 240m in length and the creation of 2 new blue runs which has doubled the size of the beginners area. 2 moveable and 25 fixed snow canons have been added on the return piste of the Roc d’Enfer circuit. Another blue run has ben added in the Cheverie section.

Investment for this year includes snow canons  at La Cheverie side from the top of the Graydon chairlift all the way down to La Cheverie itself at a cost of 460.000€. A new drag lift called ‘Teleski du Lac’ is being built to bring skiers up from the Roc d’Enfer circuit allowing them to easily ski back down to the bubble lift. This is 350m long and is costing 330.000€. There are also plans for a new blue piste in the forest from the top of the bubble lift all the way down to the bottom.

La Grande Terche is an exception to the rule which says that small ski areas inevitably fade and die through lack of investment. Worth a try for a maybe just an odd day during your stay in Chalet Jordan.

La Grand Terche Ski Resort underneath the Roc D'Enfer

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