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Do I need to bring snow chains for the car on my ski trip to Morzine?

Should we bring snow chains with us on our trip to the Alps? Or maybe we should fit snow tyres to the car to be really safe?

As someone who has discussed ski holidays with many clients over the years as they plan their trip to our chalet in Morzine I have heard this question frequently. Whilst it’s true that more and more people choose to fly to the Alps many people prefer to drive. Why? Because chalets like our Chalet Jordan in Morzine provide great value for money but have one drawback, you need a car to get to the slopes. Clients who stay in chalets like ours are forced to drive.

Once the decision to drive is made, the snow chain question is soon raised. It’s always clear to me when people ask this question that they want to hear a “no”. I’m a bit of a risk taker by nature and I truly sympathise with the idea that it’s probably a waste of time and money buying snow chains on the slim chance that you may need them. However the “probably” in the sentence is the key word. It’s true that most days in Morzine you won’t need snow chains. Snow falling in the Alps is quickly cleared from the roads. However there are days when the snow falls more quickly than the ploughs can clear it. On those days a car without snow chains should not venture out. Without snow chains or snow tyres cars are impossible to drive safely in fresh, deep snow. If you don’t have chains you won’t be able to get up the hill to Ardent and Avoriaz!

So, what are the chances of such a day occurring in your week in Morzine? In a ski season in Morzine I guess there will be between 5 and 10 such days. These days will only occur in December, January and February.  If you don’t bring snow chains in these months my estimate is that you run a one in three chance of being caught out.

Bring them.

And have a practice run putting them on the car before you leave!


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